Pazhassi Raja’s Tomb

Wayanad trips were started since the college days. It was much like an excursion, whenever I travelled to the house of my dearest friend Sunil Thomas in Manathavadi, Still I do the same trips, with the same feel.

The incoming to Wayand itself, rejuvenates body as well as mind .The novel feel would be characteristic of the climate, which is not so hot. It seems Wayand would be having the lowest temperatures, among other districts of Kerala.

There is a place which I often visit in my Manathavadi trips, without fail. It is the Tomb of Pazhassi. It is situated in Mananthavadi town, near to government hospital and village office. It was near to the Pazhassi tomb, where I used to paint the town red in evenings, with some friends in Manathavadi.

Years ago, when I first saw tomb of Pazhassi, it didn’t had these boundary walls. It only had a big tree and a floor. The tree that was planted on the grave had grown lofty with its roots covering the grave. But the tree had fallen in due course of time. It seems if our government had shown a bit more concern for the place, it could have been better protected.

Pazhassi Raja, who also known as Brave Lion of Kerala (Veerakeralasimham) had his glorious death on November 30th 1805, at a place called Mavilamthodu, while he was vehemently combating with the marauding forces using guerilla warfare. (Pazhassi Raja fought with British forces, records say that before the conflicts with British, he had confrontations with Tippu Sultan of Mysore). Many other possibilities are also popularly acclaimed as the cause of his death, such as Pazhassi Raja committed suicide to not to get caught by British forces by swallowing diamond or so. Who knows the fact! However, historical records says that Pazhassi raja was homicided by gunshots of British troops.

A film about Pazhassi Raja has to be released recently. Renowned Malayli crew is behind the venture, screenplay by M.T Vasudevan Nair, directed by Hariharan and Mammooty plays the role of Pazhassi Raja. M.T would have done an exhaustive research for writing the script. Even if the film may have all the typical commercial ingredients, let’s hope we would gain more information about Pazhassi Raja through M.T.

There is a small museum near to the Tomb of Pazhassi. It has exhibits of historical remainders genre such as stone sculptures, remnants of burial pots, rocks, hero stones,weapons etc.

The neighbourhood of the Tomb of Pazhassi Raja is abounded with wind as it is an elevated spot. One of the branches of Kabani River would be in sight, if looked down.

Enjoying the refreshing breeze, anyone would long to spend some time at Tomb of Pazhassi. If got a history book in hand, you may not even realize how fast you had finished reading the whole foliates of it.

The sun painting the western horizon with red hue, Tomb of Pazhassi would bestow with this mesmerising sight also.

Still, much more to be explored in Wayanad. I am journeying…
Figure 1: Kerala State Archaeology Department,Tomb of Pazhassi, Mananthavadi
The burial place of the hero of Kerala, brave Kerala Pazhassi Raja. Pazhassi raja was martyred in the Wayanad forest on 30th of November, in A.D.1805. The dead body was brought to Mananthavadi in the palanquin of Colonel Babar and buried here, with customary honours.

Figure 2: Grave marker: Brave, Kerala Pazhassi Raja, Rest in peace here
Death date: 1805 November 30
Translated from my Malayalam travel blog ‘Chila Yaathrakal by Miss Anu.



5 thoughts on “ Pazhassi Raja’s Tomb

  1. Dear Manoj, When the ads started coming in the malayalam channels about movie; Pazhassi Raja, My 12 year old son wanted to know more about the legend. Unfortunately he cant read malayalam. He is familiar of your face in the net, so when I showed him this blog,he enjoyed reading it . Now he believes authentically that, this great man was part of our culture.Again thanks to you and Anu
    More such efforts will be appreciated.Especially for students like my son who thinks History is something very boring.
    regards, Jayalakshmi

  2. @ Jayalekshmi – Thanks a lot. Credit goes to Miss.Anu

    @ Bindu Unndy – Translation credit goes to Miss Anu.

    It was a mistake from my side. Just copied the last line from the post translated by you and the TWAC link came along with that.(I will correct it now)

    Actually Miss Anu is not a blogger. Anu Shankaran ( is another person. Thanks for pointing out the mistake. Thanks a lot everybody.

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